Christmas Cantata

These files are made available so that you can work at home. These files can be downloaded to your system or played within your browser.

There are some samples of live performances of the pieces. I have also created midi files for others. The tempo of the midi files may not match the performed tempos, but are set to the composers rates. And there may be (are) errors in the midi files, but they should give you some direction.

If you don't have a decent MIDI player on your machine, for Windows (including Win 10) I use VanBasco's player. It is a free download from

Title S1 S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 B1 B2 All Perf
A Christmas Cantata
1: Prelude: Lullay Jesu X X X X
2: The seven joys of Mary X X X X X X X
3: When Jesus Christ was four years old X X X X
4: Little Jesus sweetly sleep X X X X
5: Make we merry both more and less X X X X X X X X
6: This endris night I saw X X X X
7: I sing of a maiden
8: By by lullay Thou little child X X X X X X X
9: Finale: Epilogue X X X X X X X X
Seven Joys of Christmas
1: The Joy of Love X
2: The Joy of Bells X
3: The Joy of Mary X
4: The Joy of Children X
5: The Joy of the New Year X
6: The Joy of Dance X
7: The Joy of Song X
Dona Nobis Pacem X X X X X
Jingle Bells X
Donkey Carol X X X X X X X